Digital Transformation requires flexible IT

Last week our article about the Digital Revolution and Agle 5+1 was published in the Dutch magazine 'Information'. Herewith the link to the electronic version of the article.


The rapidly unfolding digital revolution obliges boards of directors to quickly act on changing markets. The business is reorganized and 'new IT' needs to be realized quickly to support that new business. To enable such swift adaption companies increasingly deploy 'Agile methods'.

The article in the magazine 'Information' gives: (1) an overview of exponential growth that characterizes the Digital Revolution, (2) the tension between the swiftly evolving market and the traditional organization and (3) how to improve Agility of the value chain.

The article also introduces the Agile 5+1 method (open source) to a broader audience.

Tags: agile development teams flexibility information technology flexibiliteit