Related interests

The following areas have my particular interest:

  1. DevOps: philosophy directly related to collaboration between teams en department boundary spanning.
  2. Continuous Delivery: as this trend leads to the automation of IT manufacturing processes and therefore having an extensive impact on software development and IT operations.
  3. Agile/Scrum: and the movement of Scaled Agile Frameworks and the integration of Scaled Agile with tooling such as Atlassian Jira and Rally. Such tooling significantly speeds up software development and eases collaboration.
  4. Organizational change: given the fascinating sociological and psychological insights for performance improvements in the IT industry.
  5. Social ecological systems: as they offer new views on sociological areas and the role of knowledge and information on society.
  6. Supply chain management: because of the many collaborating partners in the supply chain with valuable insights for the IT industry.


ComputerHandAnother promising field of expertise is the development of Accelerating Change. In particular the body of thoughts of Raymond Kurzweil inspires me. Ray predicts that the exponential growth of the 20th century will continue in the 21st century. This implies an unprecedentedly technological development by which the capacity of an average computer surpasses the human brain between 2030 and 2040 . Accelerating Change is already having a tremendous impact on our daily life.