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Talk at Agile Consortium 25 March 2015

The Agile Consortium is the Agile knowledge platform for organizations and professionals, with international linkages such as England and Switzerland. On the event of 25 of March I joined the Agile consortium for a talk about scaled Agile, presenting two practical examples of applying Agility at scale. Many thanks to the Agile consortium and the Belastingdienst for hosting the event and for inviting me as key-note speaker.

Agile 5+1 method: implement Agility at scale

Achieving large scale Agility is perceived difficult by many organizations. Agility gets impeded when Agile teams needs to collaborate. As strategic As Agile consultant I regularly receive the question what needs to be done to achieve Agility at scale. The new scientific Agile 5+1 method guides the road to large scale Agility.

How to manage a set of codependent Agile teams?

We recently performed an experiment at a large multinational bank to reduce the delivery time of new features that are delivered by a set of codependent Scrum teams that supports. We achieved the reduction from 29 to 10 days by deploying a set of carefully designed improvement actions in the value chain.