Scaled Agile

The rapidly unfolding digital revolution obliges boards of directors to quickly act on changing markets. The business is reorganized and 'new IT' needs to be realized quickly to support that new business. To enable such swift adaption companies increasingly deploy 'Agile methods'. Though, the success story of agile methods is based on small scale. I have dedicated a large part of my life to successfully deploy Agility at large scale, by combining cutting-edge developments with down to earth practice.

As part of my PhD we studied many large IT providers in complex environments that deployed Agile methods. Those studies revealed six factors that determine the success or failure of a Agile at large scale.

      "Six factors determine the success of Agility at large scale"

Scrum Value (chain) Framework (previously known as Scrum Chain Framework)

Based on these six Agile factors we developed ways to implement Agile at large scale. One way is deploying a set of developed intervention actions that improves the Agility. These intervention actions have been packaged in the Scrum Value (chain) Framework. The Scrum Value (chain) Framework targets large settings, such as banks, insurance companies and other information intensive companies. A large IT provider of a multinational financial institute deployed the framework and decreased cycle time of new software to 10 days.

Time-to-market reduced to 10 days by deploying the Scrum Value (chain) Framework"

Note: details of framework cannot be freely shared yet, as the framework is part of a scientific article that is currently under review at a journal.


Agile 5+1 method

Another development during my PhD was the more generic Agile 5+1 method. The method is applicable to low-volume and high-volume processes, in the business domain, software development and IT operations. The method combines predefined roles and resources for large scale Agile settings, and a set of intervention actions to embed the Agile mindset and way of working.

Agile 51 model


"Agile 5+1 method for increased Agility in large scale settings"

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